Mesić: Prevlaka and “Jadran” can wait

Stjepan Mesić

Former President of Croatia, Stjepan Mesić, talked about the dispute between Montenegro and Croatia over military sailboat “Jadran” as well as about still unsettled issue of the delimitation of the two countries on Prevlaka.

“I think that the relations between Montenegro and Croatia are good. Maybe even the best, if we take into consideration relations among other countries of the former Yugoslavia. As far as these several unsettled issues are concerned, they can be solved via agreement only, but I think none of them is so serious that it requires urgent action”, says Mesić.

He commented on the relations in the region as well.

“The extreme right is taking its toll and the liberal, democratic Europe hasn’t foreseen in time all the threats that might arise. Europe assumes responsibility since it equalized all totalitarian regime. There was no totalitarian regime in Yugoslavia, it was authoritarian regime and it was totally the opposite. But, scared of the dangers of communism, Europe left that situation to time, and now we see what is going on”, says Mesić.

Mesić lays the other part of the blame on wars, when everybody thought that everything should be used in order to inflict damage on the other side.

Among the world players, only united Europe can be the important factor.

“Therefore, there are many culprits for the situation we witness today, strengthening of the extreme right, but the main ones are those who lead the EU without realizing where the dangers come from because they were preoccupied with fight against communism”, said Mesić.

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