Metropolitan Amfilohije, several priests and citizens summoned to the police for informative talks

Foto: MCP

The National Police detained today several priests of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral, who gathered around religious facilities in the capital Podgorica, for informative talks. Metropolitan Amfilohije was among them and detained as well, the police told CdM.

They also stressed that no one was apprehended but rather summoned for ‘informative talks’.

“Police officers noticed a number of priests, as well as citizens, who were gathering around the Temple of Christ’s Resurrection and the Zlatica Monastery. They were all summoned for informative talks to explain the reasons behind the gatherings,“ the police unofficially told CdM.

The leader of ‘Prava Crna Gora’ [in English: Real Montenegro], Mr Marko Milačić, was detained as well. His party members claim the police approached him, required his documents and then informed him he was going to be summoned for talks.

Police are expected to make an official statement on the matter soon.





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