Milinković is the most serious candidate for the President of the Municipality of Pljevlja

Vlade Milinković

President of the Municipal Committee of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Pljevlja, Vlade Milinković, is the most serious candidate for the first man of the Municipality of Pljevlja, after Mr Mirko Lola Đačić resigned.

Mr Milinković is recognized as an activist who is continuously working on the affirmation of DPS politics.

However, as the source of CdM claims, there are also those in the party who would like to see young member, Danijel Živkovič, performing this function.

Danijel Živković

Mr Đačić said on Friday that he had resigned, but he didn’t want to cite his reasons.

According to the unofficial information that CdM has, Mr Đačić is dissatisfied with the financial situation in the local administration of Pljevlja. He expected more lavish assistance from the Government. Allegedly, Mr Đačić hasn’t been coming to work for days.

He repeatedly spoke about the problems caused by the Vektra Lekić company with over €6 million of debt for the concession fees. He’s expressed his fear of Vektra Lekić going bankrupt, considering that the municipality should be the first to pay, in case that happens. He’s also given his view that the debt should be settled through writing off municipality’s tax debt and that the debt on the account of re-programming for taxes and contributions should be settled by the Government.

This was Mr Đačić’s second term of office.

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