Ministry of Health on bad performance: It’s up to the EC

Kenan Hrapović

Ministry of Health has taken the very last position in the Government’s Report, with 28,6% of the program realization.

CdM asked Minister of Health, Kenan Hrapović, why the results are so bad, whether the balance will improve and in what way.

Representatives of Hrapović’s department said that Prime Minister is satisfied with the Government’s performance of 80,3% in the first three quarters of the year and that the implementation of the program of the Ministry of Health depended on the harmonization with the European Commission.

Cerović wants Hrapović’s resignation

Dr Žanka Cerović, member of the Executive Board of the Trade Union of Doctors thinks that such data referring to the Ministry of Health are devastating. The situation is alarming and this time, Hrapović should resign.

“I believe that after the results, Duško Marković will realize how serious the situation is and take adequate steps. We have been indicating bad work of the Ministry  for two years. We even made a written objection and sent it to Duško Marković. In that context, it’s high time Prime Minister did something in this regard too, and design some other kind of strategy of health system”, says Cerović.

The media have been writing about Hrapović and his resignation as minister. However, he claims that he will be minister until the end of his term of office.

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