Montenegrin circus with entering and leaving the government


Besic said the deputy prime minister Milorad Vujovic and ministers Boris Maric and Budimir Mugosa stayed at their positions despite they were URA’s candidates, because they feel Zarko Rakcevic’s party deceived them.

“They feel like they were misused by URA. These are people who do not want to be for single-use. Currently they seek a room for political survival, which is only legitimate option in a psychological sense”, Besic said.

However, their announcement that they would reconsider their status in the next fifteen days is not logical.

“Well, what will we do? To wait every fifteen days to hear from them whether they stay or not? Why did not they say what will happen in these fifteen days? Do they have a concrete plan for these fifteen days? I cannot see something like that”, Besic said.

He added that this meant URA left the government only formally.

“The ministers they delegated stayed in the government. Technically, practically and essentially, URA has not left the government yet. So, URA is still in the government”, he said.

According to Besic, ministers cannot refer to the “troika” when justifying staying in the government, since the troika does not exist.

“The ‘troika’ entered the government and fought for quotas among themselves. Mugosa, Vujovic and Maric entered the government from URA’s quota. It is completely legitimate to stay in the government, but they must clearly say that they disagree with URA’s policy and cannot refer to the ‘troika’, because it does not exist. They can remain in the government as private individuals. URA left the government because it says it cannot control it, whereas Demos and SDP say that it is possible. Somebody is wrong. You cannot both leave the government and stay in it with the same arguments”, Besic said.

Asked how common people can understand that, Besic answers:

“Oh, not at all. I barely understand that, let alone people who are not involved in politics”, he said.

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