Montenegrin coast – affordable experiences in priceless locations

Crnogorska obala

Igalo, a small tourist place at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, is connected to Herceg Novi with a promenade which is most attractive usually at night.

It’s very clean, there’s no noise. It’s the place where you can still find kids playing in the sand, surrounded by hundreds of restaurants and coffee shops, writes Mr Tomislav Cadež, journalist of Jutarnji list.

He says that access to the sea is possible everywhere.

“The beach is never-ending, narrow and occasionally wild, while other sections are equipped with sunshades, sunbeds, placed among tree trunks, giant cypresses, pines and huge camellia bushes”, describes Mr Čadež.

As far as prices are concerned, Mr Čadež points out that they are much affordable than in neighboring country – Croatia.

“As if the amount of money in your wallet tripled all of a sudden! For example, you can get hamburger with French fries for €2, or a main course, dessert and drink for €5”, says Mr Čadež.

He says that people in Montenegro obey rules and regulations just like Swiss would do.

“You’ll always get a receipt. Everybody obeys rules strictly, like in Switzerland. Music stops at 1 am. There are only two disco club and one or two gas stations working all night”, writes Mr Čadež.

Mr Čadež notices robust architecture of Igalo. Kanli Tower is extraordinary. It costs only €3 to see it. Tourists who would like to visit Walls of Dubrovnik will have to pay €27.

“In Herceg Novi, indigenous people are usually docile seamen. Hills and sea color everything green and blue and, after some time spent here, you just can’t believe you are not at home”, says Mr Čadež.

He says that accommodation prices are surprisingly lower in comparison to Croatia.

“In Croatia, you can’t find a good apartment which costs less than €100. In Igalo, it’s hard to find accommodation that expensive. Overnight stay with breakfast for two persons in the most luxurious hotel in Igalo in mid season costs HRK 1.000. To cut the long story short, a family of four members can spend its vacation at Montenegrin coast at the expense of €500 for seven days”, says Mr Čadež.

Taxi ride from Herceg Novi to Iaglo costs €4.

“Cappuccino in Herceg Novi is three times cheaper than in Dubrovnik. Accommodation is even four times cheaper. People are modest, kinder than we are used to”, says Mr Čadež.


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