Montenegrin people in South America are our conscience on the other continent

FOTO: Pobjeda, screenshot

Such an in intense emigration to South America needs very careful, systematic and consistent relation between the homeland and its most responsible institutions, says Dr Srđa Martinović, University professor.

Martinović came back from Latin America recently, where he gave lectures on Balkans, Montenegro, its history, emigration, and identity of Montenegrin people in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. He visited the most important Montenegrin colonies and associations. In Buenos Aires, he was handed a charter for honorary membership in the Argentine Association of Montenegrin people.

“I saw this as a travel through time, encounter with old Montenegro, as reflection in the mirror, one century earlier. That reflection that didn’t change its essence, and Montenegrin soul despite different environment where it was shaping for  more than half of a century, often even more. The new country didn’t take the dreams of our people, dreams to see their homeland again. While I was visiting Montenegrin colonies, I was full of emotions. The truth is, we started our conversations as complete strangers but after only couple of minutes, we talked like old friends and closest blood relatives”, says Martinović.

Descendants of Montenegrin emigrants are deeply incorporated into the South American society.

“They have no dilemma. They are proud of their origin, cherishing the tradition of their homeland. They express their attitudes directly”, says Martinović.

Intensity of relations between Montenegro and the green continent has increased, says Martinović.

“Presence of at least one diplomatic representative office on a continent is necessary. Growing interest of the emigrants in their homeland will impose a need that human resources of the Embassy in Buenos Aires strengthen and the need for the development of consular network in all countries where Montenegrin descendants live”, says Martinović.


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