Montenegrin sky is going to be even safer

Aleksandar Radić

Montenegrin sky is going to be even safer. Broad range radar for the supervision of airspace has been approved by the NATO Investment Committee. As representatives of the Ministry of Defense said, this is the the most favorable mid-term solution fir the supervision of Montenegrin air space and it will further improve sovereignty and safety of air traffic in our country.

Military analyst, Mr Aleksandar Radić, says that this is very important for Montenegro.

“Such device is a necessity. Ministry of Defense has been urging for setting up radar on Vrsuta for years. However, that plan has been abandoned.  Last year strategic plan stipulated that the radar should be acquired and set up on Bjelasica. And it was supposed to be a great expense. In search of more economical solution, NATO was asked to carry out assessment of the needs of Montenegro”, explains Mr Radić.

NATO radar

For now, he says, this solution buys some time and does the work properly.

“Radar on Vrsuta and radar on Bjelasica will make a considerable contribution to the integrated system of Air Defense as Montenegro is very small and isn’t able to keep up with other countries which have a complete air defense system.  Montenegro has the required minimum – operation center, radar on Bjelasica, and it will be receiving the image that radar on Vrsuta detects”, says Mr Radić.

He reminds that Montenegro’s NATO membership is very important for the future EU membership.

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