Montenegro bans smoking in indoor spaces

Predviđene velike kazne

Starting from tomorrow, smoking indoors will be banned in Montenegro with the new Law on Limiting the Use of Tobacco Products entering into force. The Law strictly prohibits use of tobacco products in public enclosed venues, expect for casinos. Anyone who breaches provisions of this Law will be fined up to €20.000.

New law stipulates that tobacco products shall not be used in any room or part thereof where food and drinks are served and used.

In addition, the law prohibits use of tobacco products in any part of enclosed space where state or local authorities and services perform their activities, in areas where educational, healthcare or cultural activities are performed, in the areas of social protection, sport and recreation, trade, production or storage of food, recording or public broadcasting, as well as in the areas where meetings and public gatherings are held.

In addition, new law prohibits sale of tobacco products that are not labeled with printed warnings covering 65% of front and rear end of a pack.

Strict fines going up to €20.000 will be imposed.

For the violations of the provisions of the law, a fine ranging from €500 to €20.000 shall be imposed on the responsible person in legal entity.

A fine ranging from €30 to €1.000 shall be imposed on a physical person who smokes in a public or working area, rooms or apartments intended for the accommodation of guests, contrary to the provisions of the Law.

Ministry of Health will be in charge of inspection supervision.

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