Montenegro focused greatly on elite tourism

The minister of sustainable development and tourism, Pavle Radulović, visited three newly opened 5-star hotels along the Montenegrin coast, noting that exactly these high-end hotels turn our country towards elite tourism.

Minister Radulović visited hotels “Lazuro&Marina” in Meljine, “Melia Budva Petrovac” and “La Perla” hotel in Tivat.

“We missed to come to the opening ceremonies of some hotels due to our hectic schedule in the peak summer season. These hotels with 250 rooms in total and 250 employees actually prove the modernization of Montenegro tourism season. Not so long time ago, in 2012, we had five 5-star hotels in Montenegro, while today we have even 19 of them. We’re really making a big step forward.”

“This 3-month-long summer season has been extended to 6 months and thus less jam-packed with people, which makes us happy,” said Minister Radulović.






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