Montenegro is making progress in the European integration process

Evropska unija

Montenegro is making progress in the process of European integration, and Members of the European Parliament invite political management of the state to give priority to tackling problems in the area of the rule of law, freedom of media, corruption , money laundering, organized crime. The Resolution adopted by the Foreign Policy Committee on Tuesday, assesses the progress five Western Balkans countries made on their way towards the EU.

This Resolution points out efforts of Montenegro put in constructive regional cooperation and good bilateral relations.

“Members of the European Parliament welcome the ratification of the Agreement on state border between Montenegro and Kosovo and invite on fast settlement of border disputes with other neighboring countries. They also remind of the strategic importance of Montenegro’s accession to NATO for the provision of peace and stability at Western Balkans. All six countries have clear European perspective and our European house won’t be complete without them”, said Member of the European Parliament, David McAllister, Chair of the European Parliament  Foreign Affairs Committee.

He added that  reports on all countries of Western Balkans point out specific challenges these countries are faced with.

Particularly comprehensive reforms are required in the domain of the rule of law and good neighboring relations. Therefore, the date of the accession depends on complete harmonization with all EU laws.

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