Australia citizen among top investors in Montenegro

Gvozdenović i Havat

After he had been travelling in the Balkans for a while, Australia citizen of Lebanese origin, Romi Havat, 4 years ago decided to invest in Montenegro. So far, he has invested 22 million euro in our state and that’s why now he’s also holding Montenegrin citizenship.

In an interview for Pobjeda daily, he said he had opted for Montenegro after having considered a specific number of criteria, and now he himself&his staff are doing everything for MNE to become ultra premium lifestyle destination.

“I spend most of my time in Dubai but I also travel a lot due to my business obligations. I’d love to spend much more time in Montenegro, just to slow down a little and enjoy life. We wish to present Montenegro to the world’s famous people,” said Havat, who has already brought many celebrities to Montenegro.

He has been a leading international businessman, well known for his innovative business, transformation startups and making deals worth millions.

Montenegro was interesting to him because of its investment environment, it has provided protection for attracting investors and investments, as well as rapid improvements in the quality of life in the country.

As for his further business plans and expectations, he told they have been focused a lot on setting up the aviation system, destination management, tourism, investing in real estate and successful promotion of Montenegro to the world.

“We plan to commit to growth but with somewhat greater focus on buying real estate,” said Havat, emphasizing that he has been having continuous talks with new and potential investors in all categories of investments.




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