Montenegro Stock Exchange bought 300 Turkey state bonds


Montenegro Stock Exchange has been interested in the trade of foreign securities as well, and it bought 300 Turkish state bonds even though the state bonds of Montenegro are much cheaper, writes Dan daily.

This can be concluded based on the data suggested in the last year’s financial statements of this joint stock company. According to available data, the Turkish state bonds were bought with the 3.25% interest rate, while the interest rate for Montengro’s state bonds, which the representatives of Montenegro Stock Exchange also purchased earlier, ranged from 3.375% to 5.75%.

The company’s share capital amounted to EUR 2,040,600 and it consists of 3,401 shares in the nominal amount of EUR 600 per share.

“The company has the same-class ordinary shares in dematerialization format, registered in the Central Depository Association,” it was written in an explanation of financial statements.

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