Montenegro through Japanese photographer’s lens: Your country is amazing!


Yuya is from Tokyo. Before he has arrived to Montenegro he visited Croatia. He did not plan to visit our country, but, as he said, it will become his regular destination in the future.

“While I was thinking about the next destination, citizens of Dubrovnik suggested visiting Kotor. I checked the town on the Internet and when I saw pictures of Bay of Kotor I thought ‘Wow, I have to visit this place’. That’s what I did,” said the photographer.

He was fascinated by the photos of Kotor and was not disappointed when he came. On the contrary, he is constantly taking photos.

“Your Bay was a complete mystery to me, until I arrived to Kotor. Bay of Kotor is just wonderful. I am delighted by the combination of stone houses and the sea. It is unbelievable how everything fits well. I like the reflection in the water. Continuous walks by the sea inspire me,” he said.

A few days in Kotor were enough to understand how the locals live. He told us and what surprised him the most.

“The biggest surprise for me was the fact that Christmas is celebrated after New Year. All my life I thought that New Year and Christmas holidays are celebrated at the end of December, so it was really a new experience. A local explained everything to me, so I understood how you celebrate and when you have free time,” he said.

Yuya quickly found the right interlocutors, in order for his photos to be better.

“I’ve met a few people who are from Montenegro. They are all very friendly and willing to talk and help a complete stranger, which is great. As soon as I explained what I do, they explained to me everything they know about your history and culture of Kotor Bay. So, I’ve experienced just nice things and I hope to meet many more people from your country,” he said.

That is why the extended stay in our country.

“It’s beautiful here. Bay of Kotor and its surrounding are an inexhaustible source of surprises and landscapes so good for photographing. The peace that I feel in the morning is priceless. I do not know what my next destination will be – maybe another part of Montenegro,” he said.

He promised us he would be back. And, of course, he would take his friends from Japan with him.

“I’m sure I’ll come back to Montenegro. Certainly, I will share its love and beauty through my photos. In addition, I will tell everyone to visit Montenegro”, Yuya concluded.

He is engaged in photography for fun, but he’s very good at it. He is a true world traveller. He has been travelling across Europe for some time.

He has 13,000 followers only on Instagram, so it is clear that Montenegro got a free advertisement.

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