Monteput to invest €582,000 in Sozina

Board of Directors of Monteput company this year decided not to give bonuses to its employees from the last-year’s realized profit.

“The money will be invested in procurement of basic equipment, the tunnel washers (for the tunnel Sozina primarily), road lines and reconstruction of objects,” executive director, Jonuz Mujević, told Pobjeda daily.

Last year, Monteput generated profit of €1.9m and the govt meanwhile made a decision to allocate €582,000 (30%) to the company. Mujević explained that only members of the board of directors were paid bonuses, while employees and managerial staff didn’t have right to be awarded.

Board members, on the other side, were so generous to give up their money and donate €10,350 to the Obstetric Clinic in Podgorica.



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