More than 50.000 citizens left Montenegro to find job


In Montenegro, just like in other countries from the region, young and high-quality people are massively leaving. Since the renewal of independence up until today, from 50.000 to 60.000 citizens went away to earn for a living and it’s an alarming fact for a country with 650.000 citizens. This problem must be tackled as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.

Secretary General of the Union of Free Trade Unions, Srđa Keković, also thinks that this departures trend is terrible.

„Our people go. Especially, creative people. We remain without human resources. Young people can’t find jobs, they can’t form their families. Natality rate is falling. We all have to deal with this problem“, says Keković.

To identify the problem

“The first step is identifying the problem. The Union has already identified it and it’s dramatic. All structures, at every level, the Government and competent Ministries shall involve, Round Tables must be organized. We must sit down and see what we can all do in order to find a way around this problem”, says Keković.

First and foremost, the structure of those who mostly leave must be identified and then, accordingly, create new jobs in that specific domain and increase salaries in order to prevent them from leaving the country.

Aleksandar Damjanović, the Member of the Parliament and economist, agrees that the problem is serious.

“We must engage all our capacities in order to stop this process, and stop thinking that a man ho leaves will leave free place for somebody with worse qualifications”, warns Damjanović.

According to him, this problem is not present in Montenegro only but also in other Western Balkans countries. Montenegro is already feeling the deficit of highly specialized and professional knowledge. Together with crowded, politicized and not very competent state administration, the level of services provided to the citizens by public sector is poor.

“We should be worried about the fact that thousands of young people leave their country in order to find job elsewhere and do anything. That fact should hurt. Instead, we are avoiding the discussion on that subject and avoiding to find long-term solutions. These solutions lie in creating conditions where political affinities won’t be key factors for employment, and where all public policies and measures will be aimed at increasing employment rate and identifying the needs of labor market in Montenegro”, says Damjanović.

The media frequently write about doctors massively leaving Montenegro. Trade union of Doctors has been warning about this. The overall situation on the country caused great dissatisfaction among medical staff whose revolt results in outflow of this type of staff.


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