National police likely to become independent body?

Vlada Crne Gore

After the appointment of the head of the National Police, Mr Veselin Veljović, it seems that the government plans to propose amendments to the Law on Internal Affairs in order separate police affairs from the Ministry of Interior, reported Dan daily. Veljović would, therefore, have broader responsibilities.

When asked about this matter, Veljović replied: “The Government Of Montenegro has been monitoring and analyzing the organization structure of all the ministries and the Ministry of Interior as well, which means the government will be estimating the efficiency of our existing organization and possibly search for other models, if needed.”

Regardless of this issue, combating organized crime and all other forms of criminal offences will be the topmost priority of the police, according to Veljović.

“The National Police is going to intensify communication with prosecutor’s offices, particularly with the Special State Prosecutor’s Office.”

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