NATO to send counter-hybrid support team to MNE

Montenegro is going to get the first NATO counter-hybrid support team, according to an article published on the portal Politiko.eu. dealing with ‘hybrid threats’ in the world, reported Pobjeda daily.

In July 2018, NATO leaders agreed to set up counter-hybrid support teams, which provide tailored targeted assistance to Allies upon their request, in preparing against and responding to hybrid activities.

“The European Union is improving cooperation with NATO, the Alliance that has intensified its activities in responding to hybrid threats. The so-called ‘counter-hybrid support teams’ are in their testing phase right now, and there’s the first one which will be sent to Montenegro, according to diplomatic sources,” reported Politiko.eu.

The support teams will be sent to NATO member states but it’s still unknown whether the first such team would be sent to MNE, NATO clarified for Pobjeda daily.

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