Neither Singapore nor Oxford can recognize them, so now they’re setting up a party: Spajic and Milatovic seek another chance

Spajić i Milatović

Ex-ministers of finance and social welfare and economic development, Milojko Spajic and Jakov Milatovic, officially announced they would establish the Europe Now Movement!

So a Singaporean businessman and an Oxford student, who were presented to the Montenegrin public as experts, decided not to work in the area of their “expertise” but to involve in politics, thus confirming what has long been speculated in the public – they’re politicians, not experts, who used their positions in the Government of Montenegro for their own promotion and populism in order to make political gains and grounds for setting up a party with the money of taxpayers.

The fact is that they engaged more people in public relation services in the ministries they used to run, paying them the amounts an ordinary civil servant can only dream about. However, not even those people were able to cover bad results of the two, who will be remembered for their secret and organised hang-outs, announcements of non-existing investments and shutdown companies…


Milatović i Spajić
Milatovic and Spajic


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