New Parliament Speaker Darko Pajovic: It’s time to unblock the Parliament now!


“Now it’s time to unblock the Assembly. We have to solve things and adopt the laws quickly and efficiently”, Pajovic said.

He said he would not allow two things as the Parliament Speaker.

“I will not allow insults and personal attacks against colleagues. Those are not attacks against MPs, but against the citizens of Montenegro. Also, I will not allow the violation of the Constitution, the laws or other regulations”, he said.

Pajovic also said he would prevent tarnishing Parliament’s image.

“Those who want it must be sure that I will suppress such behaviour. I am not saying this to threaten, but to preserve the dignity of the colleagues and this institution”, Pajovic said.

He added that the discussion on his appointment showed that there were very different opinions about who we are and what direction we should chose.

“We have little understanding for others people, different from us”, said Pajovic.

“All of us have to learn to listen to each other, instead of convincing each other in the correctness of our own position. As the Parliament Speaker, I will do anything to improve the dialogue. We are all elected to represent the citizens”, he said.

He pointed out that our country was at an early stage of democracy development.

“Our society is authoritarian and that is a kind of obstacle to democracy development. The Parliament is the main place where discussions happen. As we all strive to changing society, we need to understand that we ourselves have to change”, he said.

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