New political movement is pleading with the opposition to unite


Their first goal is to accomplish something no one has – to unite the opposition for the elections in October.

“Democratic Front, Demos, GP URA, SDP and SNP should forget their misunderstandings and form a unique block. If the agreement is to boycott, than let us boycott all together. We go everyone or alone. If they do not respond to our call, we are ready to independently face the elections”, Bojanić said.

When it comes to politics, they have another goal. They want a referendum to decide on NATO membership. The idea was presented to the journalists by former member of Movement for Neutrality Marko Milačić.

“We had a chance to see NATO in Nice and Turkey. Terrorist attacks do not happen in neutral countries. Being in NATO invites a target on the country”, Milačić said.

They said that Montenegro is being pushed into an abyss by the irresponsible leadership joined by NGOs and citizens themselves. Patricija Pobrić was recently fired because she sent a bill to Bojanić proving SD paid for their gathering by state money.

“As a vocal civic activist in ecology, I am used to bad mouthing and other pressures. Resistance to the leadership you don’t trust is your duty as a citizens. Whether the matter in question is Mamula, Buljarica, or NATO”, she said.

Scientist Dragan Hajduković is also supporting the movement. His statement was read at today’s press conference.

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