New troika is “Big coalition – the Key”


And new opposition troika should, as today’s Pobjeda writes, sign the coalition agreement next week when the leader of the list will be determined as well as the distribution of mandates. 

The leader of the list will be from Demos – most likely the leader of the party Miodrag Lekic. Demos will, under the initial contract, get nine out of potential 21 mandate, SNP will get seven while URA will most likely get five mandates. 

It is possible that the coalition might expand because leader of Demos recently said that he expects that the new troika will be joined by Bosniacs democratic union and Party of retirees which is led by Momo Joksimovic, and negotiations have been done with the movement “Resistance to hopelessness”, which is lead by independent parliament member Mladen Bojanic. 

Decision for joining the coalition was first made by SNP at the meeting of their general board on 31st of August. Two days after that the coalition was supported by the main boards of URA and Demos. 

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