Nikic in extradition custody in Russia

Ananije Nino Nikic (59), a suspect in the attempted coup case, has been placed in extradition custody in Russia, Portal Analitika learns.

Russian judicial authorities informed the Montenegrin counterparts on determining the extradition custody to Nikic. This means that the Ministry of Justice may require his extradition.

Extradition custody in Russia lasts 40 days.

Nikic was arrested based on Interpol’s notice in the Rostov region on Sunday. He is suspected of taking part in organising the failed terrorist attack in Montenegro on 16 October 2016.

“The red notice against Nikic was issued in late February on the basis of an order of the High Court in Podgorica on reasonable suspicion that he committed the crime of creating a criminal organisation. The suspect was arrested in order to ensure his presence during the criminal proceedings related to the criminal offense,” the police stated.

Montenegrin authorities issued a warrant against Nikic on suspicion that he was part of the logistics network for the group who planned terrorist attacks in Podgorica on 16 October 2016 after the closure of polling stations.

According to Montenegrin investigators, Nikic left Montenegro on 9 November 2016. The media reported on his whereabouts in Russia.

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