Nova scores 4K donations from family members and party fans

Andrija Mandić

When it comes to party donations, your average Montenegrin fan of politics is not above supporting their team with lavish contributions. Lavish how? Take a look at our comparison between actual monthly salaries and donations proudly given for the cause.

The New Serbian Democracy (Nova), member party of the Democratic Front, profited over EUR 50.000 from partisan donors, sponsors and family members, many of which opted to pay the highest amount allowed by the Law on Financing Political Entities and Electoral Campaigns – 2.000 euros.

Their annual report for the last year, published on the website of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, says party officials and their families donated from 1,000 to 2,000 euros each.

If you’re a stickler for details, perhaps it would interest you to know Milutin Đukanović, the head of DF’s club of parliamentarians, gave 2K to Nova, while supporting him cost his daughter and wife 1,500 euros each. Djukanovic’s reported monthly salary is 1,578 euros.

The president of Nova, Andrija Mandic, and his wife donated a total of 4,000 euros, while their son gave another 500 euros. As Member of Parliament, Mr. Mandic monthly earns 1.588 euros.

MP Budimir Aleksic and his wife also paid 4,000 euros, just like party official Slaven Radunovic and his wife, while their daughter gave 1,000 euros. The same is true of MP Strahinja Bulajic, who paid 4,000 euros with his wife.

MPs Ljiljana Đurašković, Marina Jočić, Emilo Labudović, Janko Vučinić, Jovan Vučurović and Radojica Zivković each gave 2K, whle the secretary and member of the State Election Commission, Veljo Čađenović, gave 1.500 euros.

The Institute for Serbian Culture went full out with EUR 10.000, the maximum amount that a legal entity can donate.

If you’re into cars, know that Nova reported owning seven cars (total value of 41.613 euros), but if tech is your forte, ponder about the 856 party-owned tablets with a total value of 63.970 euros.

Final numbers crunched refer to expenses: EUR 18.000 for leasing business premises and EUR 155.680 for salaries.

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