NPCG allocated €380.000 for Solana


Public institution National parks of Montenegro NPCG has allocated €380.000 in order to implement different activities in the space of Ulcinj Solana Bajo Sekulic.

NPCG stated that the management of the biodiversity of that ecosystem is very complex and demands significant financial investments.

NPCG has implemented various activities ever since overtaking Solana in 2015. One of the biggest expenses is protection and security, than salaries and rent expenses, with electricity and fuel taking up the least money.

„Within the last two years, we have invested significant amounts into the pumping facilities”, NPCG stated.

NPCG’s basic role when it comes to Solana, is the protection of its biodiversity.

„We are currently preparing an action plan for the following year. In addition to securing Solana, we plan to protect its water system and biodiversity”, NPCG stated.

They reminded that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism is implementing the project of protection of Solana, funded with the help of EU integration fund. Special segment of that project is development of economic analysis, infrastructure estimates and possible tourist activities.


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