Nudist tourism in Montenegro: Market exists, needs to be used


A market for nudist tourism exists and needs to be used.

“The fact is that tourism contributes 5% of total national product in the world, makes about 250 billion dollars a year and moves almost a billion people. Nudist tourists are statistically imprecise in number, but they make a significant part. There is an information that there are 30 million nudists in Europe, and even 40 million in USA, and they are a part of better standing consumer class”, Petričević said.

Nudists are guests that come back, come before and after season, spend money in camps and on destination, and are very desirable guests.

To develop this form of tourism, a change in regulations is enough for now.

“Everything else would follow, and that entails building of new complexes, nudists villages, and education of the population”, Petričević said.

Naturists are those people who want true balance of human and nature through rich offer of sports, recreation, healthy food, etc.


“They use benefits of sun, water and air, they live in the nature and with nature, enjoy authentic and healthy food and smells of the Mediterranean. There are marked and unmarked beaches for nudists, but education of the population is necessary. People need to know that nudity does not entail immoral behaviour and sexual debauchery, as is often thought”, Petričević said.

Montenegro is famous for Ada Bojana as a nudist destination, although in recent years the visits decreased.

“There are a few more unmarked beaches on our coast used by nudists”, Petričević said.

Current moment is defined by different interests of both investors and tourists.

“Naturism requires isolation, and it is hard to do with today’s technology. We believe that in Montenegro nudism is on the decrease because of other interests of tourists”, he said.

Old fame

Ada Bojana is one of the most attractive locations for nudism.

Years have seen an increase of interests for nudist village on Ada Bojana and it is getting back its old fame. This year there are more nudists that the last, said Radomir Mikan Zec, executive director of “Ulcinjska rivijera”.

“I believe that Ada, with its 8 million square meters, is a great resource for Montenegro. Between 3 000 and 10 000 guests can be accommodated, if new capacities are developed”, Zec said.

This year they have around 20% of guests from Germany, 25% from Czech Republic, 35% from Russia and the rest from the region.

“We are pleased to see the French and the Italian return slowly”, Zec said.

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