Number of tourists visiting Bar is on the rise

Tourist Organization Bar has been conducting a tourist survey for many years and they have recently presented preliminary results for July which showed that number of tourists visiting bar was on the rise.

The survey was carried out according to the well-known TOMAS methodology for the first time this year.

The majority of tourists who visited Bar in July are between 26 and 35 years old (35,4%) and between 36 and 45 (35,6%). Every tenth tourist is older than 56.

As for the type of accommodation, tourists usually choose private accommodation (79,7%) and hotels (15%).

More than a half of tourists have a university degree (56,3%), whereas every third guest has high school diploma (28,7%). The majority of tourists came from households where monthly allowances range from €501 to €1000 (30,9%).

Data shows that majority of tourists who visit Bar have already been there three to five times (35,2%). In July, Bar was mostly visited by families with children (44,3%). Every tenth guest came with acquaintances or friends.

The main motive for visit is passive rest and relaxation (80,1%), fun (48,8%), new experiences (27,5%), enjoying food and drink, gastronomy (24,1%), visiting relatives and friends (17,6%)…

Tourists got the information about the destination mostly via Internet (42,2%), or they learned about it from the experience from earlier visits. Recommendations by relatives and friends was also helpful (41,6%).

Every second guest arrived in Bar by car (50,3%), every third guest came by plane (31,6%) and every tenth guest came by bus (10,7%). The majority of tourists booked the accommodation an advance.

Favorite activities at the destination include the following: swimming (99,4%), visiting restaurants/enjoying good food (97,2%), shopping (85%), visiting local event, exhibitions and concerts (82,9%), sightseeing/visiting galleries/museums/exhibitions (76,7%) etc.

As far as consumption is concerned, total consumption In July totals €344,2 per person. It mostly refers to accommodation (€91,6), transportation costs (€67,5) and food and beverage costs (€35,7).

Tourists in Bar are generally satisfied with the offer.

Elements they are particularly satisfied with include kindness of the staff in an accommodation facility, food quality, comfort, accommodation services quality, hospitality of local population, beauty of nature, personal safety, overall arrangement of the destination etc.

Tourists were slightly less satisfied with road equipment, traffic organization, children offer and shopping possibilities.

“Around 95,7% of our guests will recommend Bar to their relatives and friends and that’s really important since great number of tourists opts for Bar on the recommendation of those who have already been here. Around 98,6% said they would choose Bar again”, concludes the report of the TO Bar.


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