Nurković announces €200m concessionaire investment

Osman Nurković

In an interview with Pobjeda, a daily, transport minister, Osman Nurković, told he had never heard that the Fidelity Consulting company had been involved in the attempts of discrediting the process of the airport concessions. He also said the country’s decision to have a public hearing on the draft concession act represented a step forward, as other countries hadn’t had it in such circumstances. Public debate, according to Nurković, has been organized so that all the interested parties can provide their opinion, suggestions and comments.

Minister Nurković is convinced the airports’ concession would lead to speedy economic growth of Montenegro. He said: “I will mention just some of the key aspects most important for the state and citizens of Montenegro, but for the airports’ staff as well. Those are: investments, high business standards, acquisition of new skills in this area and new jobs. The total amount of the investments planned for the airports in Podgorica and Tivat, in the next 25-30 years, would amount to at least €200 million. We believe that our private partner is going to invest over €100 million in expanding the airports’ infrastructure.”

What’s even more important, he stresses, is that the concessionaire will have to improve the airport in Tivat and upgrade the existing airport capacities, meeting the requirements of safety and security.

“Having in mind the existing capacities of the airport in Tivat and how important its location is, it’s evident why investments in this airport are of crucial importance. We also mustn’t forget that knowledge and invaluable international experience of the private partners would be an enormous source of added-value to us,” said Nurković.

When asked about possible delays in the construction of the priority highway section, transport minister told the China’s CRBC company assured him that the construction works on this section would be completed within the set deadline, that is, in case certain delays occur, they would be minimal.


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