Official Brussels knows nothing about the arrival of the representatives of the “Resist” movement

FOTO: Facebok "Odupri se"

Formal encounter of the representatives of the “Resist” movement (Odupri se) and European officials in Brussels hasn’t been scheduled. This was confirmed from the Cabinet of European Commissionaire for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn.

Delegation of the movement, headed by Džemal Perović, went to Brussels yesterday to stay until Saturday.

They only said they were going to see their international partners.

“European institutions didn’t organize the meeting with the representatives of the movement and therefore we cannot speak about the possible outcome of the conversation”.

Representatives of the movement should present Agreement on Future and ask for the support for “resolving political crisis in Montenegro”.

Mr Perović said they were going to Brussels at the invitation of their international partners. They said earlier that wanted to acquaint Mr Hahn with their activities aimed at changing the government in Montenegro.

At the media conference held on 16 April, Mr Perović said that they hadn’t got the answer from Brussels but “there are other addresses”.

By far “Resist”movement has organized 11 protests against the regime. The next one is scheduled for the 21 May.

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