Opposition is getting ready for political war

Sa ranijeg sastanka pokreta Odupri se i opozicije

“Resist” movement has called on the opposition for a meeting to reach an agreement on their joint action. As CdM finds out, not everybody will attend the meeting. However, majority of opposition political subjects agreed to attend the meeting.

“We’re still waiting for two most powerful opposition subject to confirm that they are coming”, said the representatives of the “Resist” movement.

Two most powerful subjects are Democratic Front (DF) and Democrats.

Representatives of the movement say that united action of the opposition has no alternative in the fight against this regime.

“Time will show if it is possible to restore that level of unity we had at the moment of signing Agreement on Future. We will stay committed to our goals stipulated in the Agreement”, said the representatives of the movement.

URA Civil Movement, DEMOS, Workers’ Party and independent MPs have already confirmed their attendance.

According to CdM sources, Socialist People’s Party and Socialist Democratic Party aren’t coming. Representatives of DF think that the Agreement on Future doesn’t exist anymore.

The whole situation has got out of control. It all started the moment Democrats accepted to take part in the Committee on the Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation. DF accused Democrats of having a deal with DPS.

Under the same scenario, Democrats in Budva are accusing DF of having a deal with DPS.

Relations between these two parties are getting even more tense.

The situation was further fueled by Mr Milan Knežević, of the leaders of DF, who said that Democrats and DPS had entered into marriage.

DF sees actions of Democrats as treason and Mr Aleksa Bečić as the main culprit.

And after political war between SDP and Democrats in Kotor, we are now witnessing a new, even more dramatic story.

The last DF attack against Democrats was below the belt.

Invading privacy of some politicians and questioning their sexual orientation is inappropriate in any form of communication.

Anyway, Mr Džemal Perović’s attempt to bring the opposition back on the track is doomed.

They started together, promised complete political unity. But it all finished with heated arguments and rude words.

Summing up, as ironic as it may sound, but looks like some opposition members are craving affection of DPS.


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