“Otpadne vode” manages new plant in Budva

LLC “Otpadne Vode” will manage the plant for wastewater treatment in the settlement Vještica, in Budva. Consent for the foundation of this company was given by the councilors at the session of the Municipal Assembly which was held  yesterday. Duška Čučka was appointed Acting Director of the company.

Councilor Stevan Džaković thinks that it isn’t necessary to set up new legal entity, and that a special management department within Vodovod could be founded for such purposes. However, president of the Municipality of Budva, Dragan Krapović, thinks that it was necessary since “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” aren’t functioning very well.

“Current situation in Vodovod doesn’t allow it to take care of this plant. A specific number of employees was sent to training course in order to acquire skills necessary for the work in the plant and they haven’t proved to be good. They haven’t even shown any interest”, says Krapović.

This new plant means termination of cooperation between Municipality of Budva and German company WTE Wassertechnik, as well as with the Austrian EVN which have been managing the plant ever since it was opened in October of 2014.


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