Over $36 million for the provision of 67 “Oshkosh” vehicles

In the next three years, Armed Forces of Montenegro will provide 67 light-armored patrol vehicles with accompanying armament for two infantry battalions, worth more than $36 million. The first contingent will arrive by 2020 and Montenegro will become the first country in Europe to have “Oshkosh” vehicles in its armed forces.

At the end of October, governments of the USA and Montenegro reached an agreement on the provision of 67 vehicles, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle JLTV type.

After tactical and technical characteristics of vehicles had been defined, Ministry of Defense had consultations with the renowned world producers of this type of vehicle. After careful consideration of offers and technical characteristics, Oshkosh offer was accepted as the best and most favorable for the purposes of the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

“The fact that American army ordered more than 16.000 vehicles of this type and that it plans to provide another 50.000 by 2040, peaks in favor of the quality of the vehicles”, said the representatives of the Ministry.

The first contingent of vehicles will arrive in the second half of 2020.

Equipment of two infantry groups will be Ministry’s highest priority. Land forces need to reach required level of deployment ability, maneuvering, firepower, mobility and protection as well as required level of interoperability with ally and partner countries.

This is the first provision in the past 40 years. Ministry of Defense has undertaken all the required measures regarding modernization and provision of new armored vehicles, with the aim of protecting Army members, increasing firepower and maneuver of the units of land army.

“Development of land forces, as the most numerous type of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, is based on the development of the abilities of the Infantry battalion, with high level of autonomy for independent fulfillment of tasks”, point out Ministry representatives.

With this procurement, two infantry groups will be fully equipped with state-of-the art vehicles.

Light armored vehicle, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle JLTV, runs the motor with the volume of 6,6 liters, paired with 6-degree automatic gear stick with the power of 340 KS.

The JLTV vehicle is operational in extreme weather conditions and can maintain full mission capability in temperatures from 400 to 520°C.

With the aim of enhancing maneuvering abilities, the vehicle has TAK-4i Intelligent Independent Suspension system installed on every wheel, allowing for movement in the altitude of up to 50,8 cm.

Such an advanced suspension system, controlled by the vertical wheel travel, offsets the differences and single this vehicle out.

Vehicles will have ballistic protection, according to NATO standard, STANAG 4569 level 2, as well as anti-mining protection level 2s and 2b.

“The vehicles will be equipped with the wire system and remote controllable armament stations, with the possibility of managing installed armament form the inside. This way, Montenegrin soldiers won’t be exposed to risk”, said the representatives of the Ministry.

They remind that the development of light-armored vehicle started in 2006, as part of program in initiated on the request of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.

The first prototype of the vehicle was delivered in 2010 and series production started in 2015 in “Oshkosh Defense LLS” company.

“It’s a new generation vehicle, with increased level of ballistic and anti-mining protection, with mobility and interoperability designed to fit inaccessible terrains”, said the representatives.

For the purposes of maintenance of vehicles and the system, Armed Forces of Montenegro will have additional workshop capacities equipped with the appropriate tools, while persons in workshops will be trained to meet the maintenance requirements.


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