Pahon assures Montenegro of the U.S. support

Erik Pahon

Montenegro plays a significant role in ensuring security and represents an important NATO ally, said Pentagon spokesman, Eric Pahon.

Commenting on the US President recent statements, who said he was not sure the USA should defend Montenegro in case of any attack, Pahon stressed his country has been utterly committed to friendly relations with Montenegro, being a NATO Ally.

“Pentagon regularly communicates with Montenegro officials when it comes to defense issues.  The USA and Montenegro have been committed to NATO and cooperation, and Montenegro is a significant player in ensuring security. It also plays an important role in NATO and other operations at a global level. The fact your country sent 20 soldiers to Afghanistan represents a great success for every country and it proves your commitment to joint security interests, shared by the USA and NATO as well. We look forward to cherishing our friendly relations,” said Pahon.

Pentagon has already recognized Montenegro’s commitment to NATO Alliance, at the moment when Montenegrin parliament decided to deploy 40 military officers to Afghanistan and 2 to Kosovo on 5 July 2018. The USA supported Montenegro on its road to the NATO from the very beginning, and relation between the two countries have been stronger than ever, Pahon assured Montenegro of US support.

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