Pajović: Positive party will vote on all items on the Assembly’s Agenda


MPs are expected to vote today on three agenda items – the law on the application of the Agreement on fair and free elections; on new ministers in the government, and regarding confidence in the President of the Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic.

Pajovic added the “vision of the Agreement was to include as many political subjects in the government as possible”.

“Now we have a situation where six persons with no electoral legitimacy, and who clearly represent the interests of the Vijesti media group, are expected to make peace with DPS. This was not the spirit of the Agreement. The spirit of the Agreement was much broader and was supposed to unite a much larger number of political entities. This Agreement was not designed to reconcile Vijesti with DPS”, said Pajović.

The Positive Party, he said, did exactly what it promised its voters it would – it helped change things in Montenegro in a non-violent manner, it enabled the next elections to be fair and in the hands of the opposition which will control state funding of campaigns, and did all this with the ultimate sacrifice, because it was brutally attacked from all sides, primarily by the intellectual elite.

Mr. Pajovic, however, adds that he is happy with how things turned out, because even those who were against Montenegro and its EU path, now see the importance of these values.

He also met with Reinhard Bütikofer, MEP and co-chairman of the Green Party.

“The support of the Green is very important to us because they are the third largest party in the European Parliament. It is especially important because of the environment Chapter, which will be one of the most important Chapters on the path towards EU membership”, he pointed out.


Reinhard Bütikofer stressed the high level of responsibility in what the Positive party is doing in Montenegro.

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