Parliament: Committee didn’t lack quorum

Foto: CdM

The moment Mr Raško Konjević abandoned the meeting of the Committee on the Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, there was quorum, said the representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Mr Momo Koprivica, member of Democrats, said that there was no quorum and that the meeting should be adjourned. President of the Committee, Mr Branimir Gvozdenović, said that it wasn’t true.

According to the Rules of procedure, after Mr Konjević left, there was quorum.

“There were 10 MPs after Mr Konjević left the meeting. The Committee was formed in accordance with Article 33 of the Rules of Procedure and by means of special decision, it is a temporary Committee. Article 3 of the Decision says: “In the procedure of establishing proposal for amendments to laws and other enactments related to tasks and duties of the Committee, the Committee shall render decisions by consensus”.

In case the principle of consensus cannot be applied, but there is two-thirds majority (11 out of 14 members), the proposal can be adopted regardless of the failure to reach consensus.

“Having in mind that Committee shall continue with work if there is majority of members and the fact that ten members were present after Mr Konjević left, it is clear that the Committee had quorum”, reads the statement of the Parliament.


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