PM Marković to diaspora: Montenegro is your country, you’re always welcome home

Montenegro’s prime minister, Mr Duško Marković, told our diaspora that Montenegro is their country where they can come whenever they want.

“These days, we’ve had the opportunity to see inappropriate and ill-intentioned messages of the opposition sent to our diaspora and our citizens. I’d like to remind you that Montenegro ensured the return of all our citizens to our country in the most difficult times of the coronavirus epidemic, when many other countries closed their borders. There was no election campaign at the time, nor were elections called for! However, we did care for the people of Montenegro, and the state showed hospitality towards each of our citizens, wherever he or she was. And it will stay that way!” the Prime Minister noted.

He called on the Montenegrin diaspora and citizens abroad to give the best answer to those who list them as foreign nationals in the coming days, in a democratic and civilized manner.

“Dear diaspora, Montenegro is your country today and forever. You have your place in it and you can come here whenever you desire, and at any time! Welcome home! May Montenegro be eternal!” – PM Marković told.


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