PM’s Cabinet: Amendments to Law on Citizenship only after Constitution amendment

Milojko Spajić/ Foto: Vlada Crne Gore
Milojko Spajić/ Foto: Vlada Crne Gore

Amendments to the Law on Citizenship will be drawn up after the Constitution of Montenegro is amended, Prime Minister Milojko Spajic’s Cabinet has announced.

Spajic’s Cabinet has stated this to clarify and prevent the potential spread of misinformation regarding Spajic’s statement relating to the amendments to the Law on Montenegrin Citizenship, which would entail the acquisition of voting rights 10 years after a person’s admission to Montenegrin citizenship under certain conditions. It is stressed that the Law will be changed only after all protective legal mechanisms have been provided.

The Cabinet explains that constitutional changes are a prerequisite for such solutions and, accordingly, the procedure itself must be harmonized in detail with the legal system of Montenegro.

It notes that just as the Prime Minister said during the press conference, “our people in Turkey, Serbia, Luxembourg, Argentina, America or wherever they are, must have the same treatment. Those people would have a Montenegrin passport and would be proud of their country. Those people are not asking for the right to vote, but a minimum of respect for their patriotism”.

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