Podgorica endeavors to be positive example in the area of environment protection

Podgorica, as the capital of Montenegro, endeavors to be recognized as positive example in the area of environment protection, climate change and energy efficiency, and reach high level of synergy and cooperation with all local administrations of our country, said the Deputy Mayor, Ms Slađana Vujačić.

She spoke at the Conference within EBRD  session Green cities: voices of the region, which aims to highlight the diversity of cities and the challenges in the area of environment protection .

“Apart from responsibilities and procedures defined by legislation, it is necessary to create prerequisites for enforcing standards in wider context”, said Ms Vujačić.

In 2017, Local Action plan for the Capital City Sustainable Development was adopted. It’s based on the National strategy for Sustainable Development. i.e. UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

“In addition, Act on the declaration of part of Cijevna canyon a nature park  has been adopted. Komovi massif on the Montenegrin territory has also been declared protected natural good. Considering that both locations are partly recognized as “Emerlad sites”, described activities contribute to the fulfillment of obligations referred to in Chapter 27, in terms of future establishment of NATURE network of nationally protected areas”, said Ms Vujačić.

She pointed out the adoption of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Program for 2018-2020.

The City has also recognized the need for the improvements in the sector of transport, responding to the challenges and application of generally-accepted standards of sustainable transport.

“The activities of the Capital are aimed at increasing the level of alternative types of transport and improvement of the existing infrastructure by introducing more efficient transport solutions. Another very important component of this system is the increase in the security level. Special emphasis has been put on the education, promotion and increasing general public awareness. Podgorica got technical and financial support for the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. We will keep working on satisfying our citizens’ needs, while adhering to the principles of environment protection, economic cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency”, said Ms Vujačić.

The Capital has also recognized the importance of the expansion of green areas. In that context, great attention has been devoted to the segment of propagation material quality characteristics.

The Capital is the member of European Healthy Cities Network and Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy Projects.

EBRD Conference Green Cities: Building a batter and more sustainable future for cities  is taking place in London today, at the EBRD Headquarters, as a part of London Climate Action Week.

It brought together ministers, mayors, deputy mayors and other officials from EBRD Green Cities, as well as financial experts and urban and climate specialists.





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