Police and FBI checking whether Jaukovic acted alone

Police Directorate and the FBI are investigating whether Dalibor Jaukovic (43), who threw a bomb at the US Embassy in Podgorica before he killed himself last night, acted alone, said chief of criminal police, Enis Bakovic at today’s press conference.

CdM learns that 10 locations used by persons close to Jaukovic are being searched.

Jaukovic gad Montenegrin citizenship. He was born in Kraljevo, Serbia.

Jaukovic threw a M75 bomb into the US Embassy’s courtyard, and then crossed the street, where he killed himself by activating another bomb, approximately 30 metres away from the Embassy.

After the autopsy, the identity of the attacker was confirmed by his brother. Identification was confirmed by DNA analysis as well.

“Police Directorate, along with FBI agents, is checking the social media accounts that Jaukovic used. Police are taking measures to check if this person acted alone or had accomplices. They are also trying to find out the motive of the attack,” Bakovic said.

Prosecutor Lepa Medenica says that the possibility that the attack was an act of terrorism is all but ruled out.

Police are searching Jaukovic’s apartment, checking his social media accounts and as they stated, he has got no previous police record.

“Strong security measures of the US Embassy in Podgorica and all embassies and diplomatic missions in Montenegro are being implemented,” said Dragan Blagojevic, police assistant director.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Government of Montenegro have strongly condemned the attack on the US Embassy and express their regret for this event,” interior minister Melvudin Nuhodzic said.

Jauković’s Facebook profile says that he was a former soldier and that former president of the FR Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, awarded him a medal for merit in the fields of defence and security.

Judging by his profile, Jaukovic did not support Montenegro’s joining NATO.


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