‘Politika’ publishes plan for national engineering in Montenegro: Montenegrins to be reduced to 25%

Establishment of the “Serbian world”, formation of Serbian area with orthodoxy as dominant factor in the triangle of Banjaluka, Belgrade and Podgorica, is impossible without overthrowing Milo Đukanović and then execution of national engineering aimed at bringing the percentage of the members of Montenegrin nation in Montenegro down to not more than 25%. This is the core of then imperial concept presented three days ago in Belgrade “Politika” as the main story by Mr Aleksandar Raković, historian and active member of the extreme Serbian right advocating for creating federal state in which Serbia will be piedmont and Republika Srpska and Montenegro just units joined to the Serbian state.

The program text discusses the premise that Montenegro under Mr Đukanović’s rule has become the opposite of Montenegro of King Nikola and, more importantly,” Anti-state to Republika Srpska”.

Montenegro, which is mostly West-oriented, and NATO member, has become an insurmontable obstacle to imperial idea of making the Saint Sava area, poetically named as the “Serbian world”.

Mr Đukanović’s state is the “Schutzkorp state in the fight against spread of that idea”. The name Schutzkorp (German) was used for protective military divisions of special Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia and Herzegovina and were some sort of border guard, committing many war crimes against Serbs in Bosnia.

In Mr Raković’s narrative, pro-Western Montenegro under Mr Đukanović’s rule, is aimed at making an embankment to stop this idea, disabling political and state union of Serbia, RS and MNE.

The “new”, national map

What would happen to Montenegro in case that scenario unfolded?

“Montenegrin homeland identity should last as long as Mr Milo Đukanović”, Mr Raković writes.

The key target of the impact would be Census in 2021, where Serbia and Republika Srpska would be required to meddle.

If Census in 2021 was taken without Mr Đukanović in power, the surge in the percentage of Serbs in MNE “would be massive and reach even 45%”.

Mr Raković comes to the “new” national map in Montenegro: Montenegrin nation would decline to 25%, while ethnic minorities would stand at 25% as well.

According to this pro-fascist projection of national engineering, Serbian population in Montenegro would quickly become majority.

The presented plan encompasses a comprehensive two-step action: ousting Mr Đukanović and then creating Serbia nation in Montenegro.

By what means can this strategy be implemented? One can only presume.

But before that, there’s one “little thing”: majority Montenegro must bow its head down and watch that happen idly.

The “shortcut”

Radical rightist, Mr Raković, doesn’t rule out the possibility of suing minority nations in the realization of this imperial idea.

The shortcut to Serbia statehood of MNE could have foreign factor, the historian says, stating that Albanian population in Montenegro could “disobey” Montenegrin state.


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