Popović: New elections in Kotor the worst possible option

Andrija Popović

New elections in Kotor would be the worst possible option, the president of the Liberal Party and member of the Parliament, Andrija Popović, told in an interview with Dnevne Novine daily.

“The elections can’t be held before September. This means the employees won’t receive salaries, tourism season might be under threat, and I really don’t see how Kotor would survive such a state of play. This is a complete disaster and anarchy, and in case it lasts for too long, it’s going to have catastrophic consequences. That is why I say the elections would be the worst possible solution so we must seek for another solution. Either the new majority in the local assembly should elect the president or the govt should establish the Board of Trustees based on the Local Government Law,” noted Mr Popović.

He also added he expected the Proposal for the Decision on amending the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure to be considered and approved at the next parliament’s session. This initiative stemmed from the need to do something concrete in relation to those who have been boycotting the parliament, according to Mr Popović, and the proposed sanctions are milder than those applied by the parliaments of the European states and neighboring countries.

The Proposal was drawn up based on a document prepared by the Research Center of the Parliament of Montenegro, which had analyzed sanctions for MPs boycotting parliament in 27 European and countries of the region.






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