Power Demonstration

Good morning! The same team that shamelessly forced DF into power is now using the same methods to try to force Spajic’s government to give up its support for the UN Resolution on Srebrenica. Today they gather in Podgorica. Who are these people and what is the role of Serbia and Russia in these events?

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Power Demonstration

Tonight at 7:00 p.m., a team coordinated from many centers will gather in front of the building housing the Government of Montenegro. They are above all coordinated by the group It’s Up to the People, which pushed DF into the Government last year. Buses from all cities are being organized and a large number of people are expected to arrive. Borba – which the French ambassador gave an interview for a few days ago, IN4S, and other smaller portals from that world, are buzzing these days and calling for the overthrow of the Government if Montenegro supports the Resolution on Srebrenica, which will be voted on tomorrow at the United Nations General Assembly.

Vucic is fully active. Before leaving for New York, he was seen off with a prayer. He seems to have been seriously addicted to his propaganda. Together with Dodik, he convinced himself that he was preparing for battle. Yesterday he said that many would stab him in the back. The inscription “We are not a genocidal nation” can be read on the tower at Belgrade Waterfront. It’s a surreal picture of the times we live in. The collision of Garasanin’s steampunk and Emirates towers’ cyberpunk on the banks of the Sava River.

Stupovi, Votaries from Tvrdos, Assembly of Archangel Michael, Knights of St. Jovan Vladimir, and other organizations with similar names invite to the assembly. Modern versions of Solevic are also coming, in the form of organizations from Kosovo. Some organizations from Bosnia are also coming. In the Serbian media, new religious processions are called for. Some want Milojko to be overthrown.

Europe Now Movement (PES) believed that amendments would appease the spirit of genocidal ideology whose lamp Vucic constantly rubs. PES does not know that every relationship with such an ideology works according to the principle “you give them a finger, they take your hand”.

If there had been no amendments and if the Resolution had been co-sponsored just like that, there would probably have been less hysteria. Because they were only encouraged by the authorities’ hesitation. This ideology does not understand the language of normality. It only reacts to hard actions. See how Kurti handled the situation in the north of Kosovo. No more northern brigades or other rubbish. The police are calmly doing their job in the center of Mitrovica.

Here, Maslenikov visits the assemblies. Chetniks and Cossacks gather under tents in Zabljak. He is welcomed by the leaders of Zabljak, Pljevlja and Cajnic.

This is all a well-known scenario. While the government rushes forward and does not want to look back on the divisions and while the PES army on Twitter, led by Tihomir Dragas, fights against terrible Montenegrin extremism, they remain completely silent while facing the explosion of Serbian-Russian extremist fever, which does not let Montenegro go. The Russian-Serbian winds are blowing hard from one side to topple this government. DF hesitates and hides behind the Resolution on Jasenovac, because it likes its positions. But other forces are stronger. How much stronger they are, we will see tonight. We will see on Sunday in Budva what the relationship between the forces of DF and the loyalists of Milo Bozovic is.

Zeljko Ivanovic is also rocking this government as if doing it according to Vucic’s agenda. Yesterday he wrote an article in which he attacked Spajic for making another Serb Republic out of Montenegro, while Bursac and Nikolaidis were spat on when they wrote about it a few years ago. It doesn’t matter to him which side he rocks it from, that is, which side it blows from. Today Spajic is not Montenegrin enough for him, tomorrow he will not be Serb enough. Vijesti fought against the terrible Montenegrin extremism and now they play patriots. I expect them to start handing out Montenegro’s green flag (Gaetusa) along with the newspapers.

This is a big test for PES. With the story about the amendments, they lost the trust of a large number of independence supporters whose affection they gained last year. They did not gain much affection from the Serbian side, on the contrary. I guess they learned some lessons from all this.

That’s it for today. We wish you a pleasant rest of the day.

Kind regards,

Ljubomir Filipovic, CdM analyst and columnist

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