Prince Nikola: I want my descendants to feel at home in Montenegro


“Most importantly, this act, which was adopted in 2011, annulled the illegitimate decision which unjustly banished Petrovic-Njegos family into exile. Therefore I am happy that our family today is morally and historically rehabilitated and that this was done in a democratic way, through the process of legitimate Montenegrin Parliament”, he added.

Prince said this act served justice to his ancestors, but added he now has obligations towards his descendants.

“Alongside caring for my ancestors, it is my obligation to be responsible to the descendants of the dynasty. I must think about my children and grandchildren who still do not have a family home in Montenegro. I want them to be able to feel at home here, and be of use to their country”, said Prince Nikola Petrovic. Pobjeda asked the Prince when he expects this issue will be resolved, so that he and his family may come together to their homeland. The Prince replied that the Act provides for a residence in Cetinje, which was to be built according to his project.

“Unfortunately, the land in Bajice on which the residence is supposed to be built, was transferred into my ownership only a few weeks ago, although the Law was adopted in 2011. Taking into account time needed for confirmation of urban planning, obtaining permits for construction and its completion, and given the difficult financial situation, I’m afraid there’s little chance our family will gather in their home, in their Montenegro, anytime soon. At the same time, the house of Petrovic family in Njeguši, which is at our disposal by law, is drastically deteriorating, which particularly saddens me”, he said.

Prince Nikola initiated the procedure for re-instituting the award medal of Danilo the First.

“In deference to the award medal of Danilo the First, in order to restore and preserve the values on which it is based, and in accordance with Article 3 of the Law on the status of descendants of the Petrovic Njegos dynasty, I signed a new statute for Danilo’s Medal on May 5th, which was the day of its establishment in 1853. I believe that in this way we further preserve the tradition of Petrovic dynasty. This is why I included my son Boris in re-institution of the award medal, which further emphasizes the symbolism of the family”, Prince explained.

Prince Nikola added that thanks to Branislav Radulovic, member of the Expert Council of the “Petrovic-Njegos” Foundation, the Statute, published in the Official Journal, was adopted.

“Right now we are in preparations so that hopefully, come September, we will be able to officially start awarding this Medal, which is historically an extremely valuable Montenegrin decoration. The Medal may be awarded to members of the dynasty, domestic and foreign statesmen, as well as other persons who, through their scientific or social work contributed to the development of culture, art and science, or whose merits and charity work contributed to the independence and affirmation of Montenegro and preservation of the tradition of our Petrovic Njegos dynasty”, Prince Nikola concluded.


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