Private helipads allow domestic tours only


Helicopter tours are gaining in polarity in Montenegro. Taking off and landing has been regulated by law. Local flights are enabled on private helipads, whereas in international flights helicopters have to go through customs control. Restrictions have been imposed on hotel helipads and helipads within hotel resorts.

As marketing and communication manager, Ms Adrijana Husić said, licencing of a helipad within Portonovi complex is under way. It is expected to open next year.

“Once it becomes fully operational, our helipad will be used in international flights too”, said Ms Husić.

A private helipad has just been opened in Porto Montenegro.

“For now, it allows local flights only”, said Mr Danilo Kalezić, PR and marketing manager in Adriatic Marinas company.

As representatives of Air Traffic Control Agency said to Pobjeda, landing and taking off is allowed at international airports only, and at airports which aren’t determined for international traffic if the operator provides application of regulations on crossing the border at its own expense.

“There are two international airports in Montenegro and international flights are allowed. There are no other operators which have met the requirements for operating international flights”, said the representatives of the Agency.

Operation of non-commercial or private helicopter flights in Montenegro is allowed if regulatory requirements stipulated in the Rule book on requirements and manners of emergency off-airport landings and taking off have been met.

As agency representatives said, Hotels Group Montenegro Stars has license for using their helipad under specific conditions, although this helipad can’t be used for international air traffic.

Accountable manager Airways aviation academy and charter air company in Montenegro, Mr Vuk Stojanović, points out that there are specific rules regarding where and how a helicopter can take off and land.

There are very few airports in the world with commercial traffic.

“Such practice could be applicable here”, said Mr Stojanović.

In that case, a helicopter has to have two engines.

“There’s one such helicopter in Montenegro. Our helicopter has great performances but it has one engine and, according to regulations, it cannot land on a hotel or some other building in the settlement since in case the engine loses power, there’s very little space foe maneuvering”, says Mr Stoajnović.

There are many restrictions which have been eased.

“In order to land somewhere, for example in Žabljak, you can land on the meadow, but you need license and consent by the Agency. It’s off-airport landing and it requires specially-trained pilots too”, explained Mr Stojanović.

Tourists often ask for the helicopter flights to Đurđevića Tara for rafting. That ride costs €2500. Also, demand for transfers from Dubrovnik to Tivat is very high.


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