Production of solar panels to begin in Niksic soon

Mr Grbovic has said that they expressed interest of the Municipality of Niksic in the construction of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) power plant, and that they discussed with the representatives Baoding the possibilities of cooperation with Chinese manufacturers of such equipment, the news agency Mina Business carried.

“We had fruitful discussions about the possibilities of cooperation with Baoding, which is known for good manufacturers of solar panels. We discussed the possibility of constructing such a plant in Niksic, in order for our Municipality to be first in the region to launch this business and cover the market,” he added.

According to Mr Grbovic, representatives of China showed a willingness to build a cement plant in Montenegro, and Niksic administration would help them to discuss the project with the Municipality of Pljevlja. As he pointed out, about a million cars were produced annually in Baoding, which was “an enormous figure for local conditions” and it should be considered whether there was a possibility of cooperation in this field.

“Representatives of Baoding are willing and interested in cooperation with Montenegro. We discussed tourism cooperation with them too, and they announced the arrival of the first tourism delegation from China, which will consider potentials of Montenegro’s tourism,” Mr Grbovic said.

Mr Yufeng said that they were recommended by the Chinese Government to cooperate with Montenegro and the Municipality of Niksic.

“The traditional friendship between China and the former Yugoslavia is the reason for the visit of the delegation. We have had fruitful discussion in Niksic. We have signed a general agreement, and specific agreements would be made at further meetings,” he said.

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