Programs of Happy and Pink M TVs limited owing to broadcasting hatred

Council of the Electronic Media Agency has decided to limit re-broadcasting of “Good Morning Serbia”, “Ćirilica” and “Posle ručka” TV shows on TV Happy, as well as “Novo jutro” on Pink M TV, for a three-month period owing to the promotion of hatred, animosity and discrimination directed at members of Montenegrin nationality.

According to the Convention on Transfrontier Television and article 7 thereof, and Directive on AVM services and article 6 thereof, all items of program services, as concerns their presentation  and content, shall respect the dignity of the human being and the fundamental rights of others. In particular they shall not display violence or incite racial animosity or give undue prominence to hatred based on race, sex, religion or nationality.

“Considering that this is violation of standard, the Council concluded that the aforementioned program items incite hatred, animosity and discrimination directed towards Montenegrin people, coupled with offensive, degrading and disturbing language provoking intense negative emotions and undermining Montenegrin nation by negating their national identity”, it was said in a statement.


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