Prskalo: I don’t want to die in clan score-settling


The article states that Milos Trbo and Dejan Pavicevic from Kotor, who arrested after the murder of prisoner Dalibor Djuric of the Skaljarski clan are the focus of an investigation into whether or not they provided logistics assistance to Djuric’s murderer. As Dnevne Novine reported, police and prosecutors find suspicious the actions of the two men on the day of the murder and their connection to Kavacki clan members Milos Radonjic and Ilija Prskalo.

Prskalo’s response follows:

“The article mentions that I am a member of Kavacki clan, which I deny and claim that I have no idea about any clans, let alone being a member of them. I ask the police to respond fairly and not to consider me as a member of Kavacki clan without any evidence. I repeat – that is not true and I would ask that those who told such a thing to the media, even if they are from the police, to offer any evidence for the allegation, because they do not want to die, as recently happened that innocent people die in clan score-settling”, Prskalo said.

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