Putin’s copycat seems to know nothing about Montenegro

Davor Đenero

Zagreb-based political analyst, Davor Gjenero, tells CdM it’s a complete nonsense that Montenegro might cause a Third World War, as the US president, Donald Trump, claimed yesterday. He described Trump’s statement, who said people in Montenegro are strong and aggressive, which might cause a Third World War, as scandalous!

According to Gjenero, it’s evident Trump copies Putin’s opinion.

“Media reported of this statement on the same day when the Americans declared Trump a ‘Putin’s poodle’. Trump obviously wasn’t prepared for this talk and it seems clear Putin and Trump were discussing Montenegro during their meeting,” assessed Gjenero.

Russian head of state certainly had remarks regarding the accession of MNE to Nato, says Gjenero. “I’m quite worried about this Trump’s statement and hope that he was just unprepared. But, now we see he knows nothing about Montenegro,” noted Gjenero.

Now Montenegro needs to find out way to convince that its policy is not aggressive, according to Gjenero.

“You might be lazy, but aggressive certainly not,” Gjenero told Cdm. True that!

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