Quality of reforms is what matters, not the speed of their implementation

Aleksandar Drljević

Chief EU negotiator for Montenegro, Aleksandar Drljević, expects that the remaining chapters 27 and 8 will soon be open. That will provide better functioning of market and ensure bigger and high-quality offer of goods and services. Drljević says that Montenegro is ready for further strengthening of administrative and institutional capacities which will complete the reforms and take us into the EU.

“The period which is behind us was marked by an intense work within chapters 27 and 8. Very important reforms in those areas have been implemented and, that way, we fulfilled all the starting measures. We submitted the negotiating position for chapter 27 in February considering very encouraging messages we received from Brussels. As far as Chapter 8 is concerned, Competition Policy, we will soon submit the negotiating position and I hope this chapter will be open soon, “says Drljević.

He pointed out Austria as being very important political and technical support in the EU accession process so far.

“This support reflects in dozens of TAIEX and twinning programs which contributed to the improvement of the situation in the area of rule of law, agriculture, food safety, electronic communications etc. I am sure that this cooperation will be even stronger in the future”, said Drljević.

Ever since Montenegro opened the negotiation process, it has worked really hard in order to have 31 open chapters, which is the natural order. He said that they would face most challenges regarding Chapters 23 and 24 which refer to the rule of law, fight against crime and corruption. However, Montenegro has great potential to complete negotiations with the EU.


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