Radić: Bar is the most convenient location for the Navy seat

Bar would be the most convenient location for the seat of the Navy of the Army of Montenegro, since the Port Authority is also there, as well as the military barracks and warehouses and the tourism economy is not hindered. Port in bar is also convenient for the acceptance of foreign ships during their friendly visits and during multinational training practices, said for “Pobjeda”, military analyst, Aleksandar Radić.

“The long-term Defense Development Plan clearly defines what a Navy should have. First and foremost, it is aimed at the tasks of the aquarium control and, in accordance with that, it has been defined that it was necessary to buy patrol boats. Considering that there is not enough money, transitional solution is the repair of two existing racket cannons for the patrol boats” ,says Radić.

He says that it is up to the Ministry of Defense to provide money for the modernization of the Navy and funds for the patrol boats and infrastructure development.

“Chances for donations are slim, but unlike other ministries, Ministry of Defense has the possibility to use the money it gets from selling surpluses for the adoption of NATO standards and achievement of strategic objectives. That means that it can use the money from selling unnecessary ships to buy new ones. Montenegro can’t afford money to maintain big Navy. It doesn’t need frigate which, during the times of Yugoslavia, was the most important sailing unit”, says Radić.

Long-term solution would be the provision of smaller and faster patrol ships which means selling parts of the existing ships.

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